Process and Plant Tips

Before we start a project for you, we first begin with the Design and Consultation process.  It consists of getting all the necessary information about the client and project in order to develop a design successfully.

Research is conclusive that plants have extremely positive effects on the health, wellness, and inspiration of indoor spaces and the people that inhabit them.

However, one underestimated benefit and use of plants indoors is linked to its biophilic impact and the ability to accentuate or improve the design and aesthetic of the space.  There have been a number of recent studies done to measure the connection between plants and our feeling of comfort (biophilia).  Humanity's natural habitat includes plants and the synthetic environments in which we work can seem alien, uncomfortable and sterile to us, thus reducing productivity, creativity, and increasing illness.

The strategic inclusion of plants in your indoor space can create a biophilic impact that will have positive effects on the people that spend time in your space.  Additionally, many buildings have unattractive facets and aspects whereby plants can be used to hide or accentuate these.  Plants have also been used to highlight key areas, frame walkways and contribute to the overall design of the space. 

The Plant People Ltd. is working with customers interested in having plants indoors to maximise the design benefits that plants can have.