Long Term Rentals


How do I rent indoor plants long term?


Step 1:  Contact The Plant People Ltd. to express your interest in long term indoor plant rental at general@theplantpeopleltd.com.


Step 2: A complimentary and mandatory site visit will be scheduled to assess your need and indoor space conditions such as lighting, temperature, and space available.


Step 3: Following the site visit, your Initialization package made of a quotation, sample contract and proposal will be sent to you for review and approval.

(Please note that sick building syndrome is chronic in the Caribbean and as such although plants improve your indoor conditions, pre-existing adverse conditions (taking off lights and AC units, poor lighting, situations where people interfere with plants) may incur a rental surcharge)


Step 4: Once all documents in the package have been confirmed, a date will be agreed upon for the installation of plants and pots/containers.

Note: You will be placed into one of our service categories determined by the number of plants you have rented and the corresponding value of the account.

What is Long Term Indoor Plant Rental?

Long Term Indoor Plant Rental is your decision to make your indoor space greener and healthier.


The best way to do this is to enter into a contractual arrangement with The Plant People to provide a suitable number of plants and pots/containers for your indoor space. For more info on how this works, what it includes and benefits, continue reading below.



What does long term indoor plant rental with The Plant People Ltd. include?

  • Plants and containers as agreed upon in your contract and quotation.

  • Weekly maintenance service that includes watering, pruning, and care.

  • Free replacement of any plants that may die on your site.

Why use Plants in your Indoor Space?


HEALTH:  Plants are proven to clean indoor air and improve overall air quality


WELLNESS: Recent research shows that plants have a positive impact on factors contributing to human beings' overall wellness and happiness


ENERGY: As plants clean the air they reduce the prevalence or risk of illness and increase energy levels


MENTAL HEALTH: Plants have proven to create a natural environment that inspires creativity and improves productivity


AESTHETIC: Human beings' and animals' natural habitat is among plants and natural vegetation - plants indoor soften the harsh synthetic building materials and create a pleasing, comfortable and welcoming environment for all