Meet Our People

The Plant People Ltd.

Following through with our Promises


The Management of The Plant People Ltd. is committed to satisfying the needs of our customers with premier products and enhanced services that create a delightful, green environment for their interior spaces.

  • We will comply with all applicable requirements, with a devotion to the consistent development of our human resources.

  • We will be innovative in our approach, novel in our technology and continually improve the quality of our products and services.

Comprised of highly dedicated, trained service champions, ready to enhance your interior landscape with the inclusion of plants and to provide a seamless maintenance service on an ongoing basis.

The Team


Maria Samad

Maria a long-standing insurance industry professional with many years of experience in that field.  She has also had years of managerial experience and comes from a family with a strong tradition in agriculture and horticulture.  Her love of both plants and people have been uniquely combined to overseeing the evolution of the business to increase and maximize the benefits that plants can contribute to indoor spaces and the health and wellness of those that inhabit those spaces.

Chief Operations Officer:

Sian Samad-George

Sian recently concluded her Masters in Small and Medium Enterprise Management at Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business and a degree in Bachelors in Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Westminster.  She brings experience in the public and private sectors and a keen interest in the benefits that plants can bring to people.